22 November 2007

more plastic alternatives

More unlined totes in ecru canvas, with handpainted lettering and designs of a most random nature.

the alternative to plastic bags!

Unlined totes are on ecru canvas with handpainted designs and random lettering , cut out of the fabric as it appealed to me. Great for taking to the grocery store or farmer's market and completely unique.

unlined fun totes

Unlined totes featuring applique detail. No pockets or closures mean these pack easy for travel and are great for shopping.
1st: brown twill with green twill handles, featuring flames & dragon appliques in fiery orange paisley
2nd: grey and brown twill bag with 3 little piggies in red fabric applique

Unlined grey totes

Totes in soft grey twill with colorful applique detail. Unlined and no closures or pockets--great for shopping and travel, as they pack small.
1st: bird appliques in Amy Butler fabrics
2nd: band of striped Denyse Schmidt fabric detail

surfer girl tote

Vintage tee prints of surfer and hula girl appliqued onto turquoise fishy print, lined fully in turquoise fishy print. Note**This bag has no closure, as it is reversible.**

frog and flower library tote

Library tote in shades of green and blue, with Kaffe Fassett's 'fan flower' detailing and frog detail. Lined in quilted blue fabric with magnetic closure and inside phone pocket.

black and white library tote

Joel Dewberry 'manzanita' black & white pattern with green ribbon detail. Black and white striped lining with magnetic closure and inside phone pocket.

bird and branch library tote

Lined and reinforced tote with Amy Butler fabric and ribbon and bird detail. Lined in quilted blue fabric with magnetic closure and inside phone pocket.

tapestry clutch

orange and brick tapestry fabric with sage ribbon detail, lined in pale red silk, with wriststrap, magnetic closure and inside i.d. pocket

stripe and applique clutch

striped denim clutch with knit and sequined applique, lined in paisley with wriststrap, magnetic closure and inside i.d. pocket

peachy keen clutch

peach and rust floral Amy Butler fabric with peach eyelet detail, lined in khaki twill with wriststrap, magnetic closure and inside i.d. pocket

golden vine clutch

golden yellow clutch with Amy Butler detail and lining, with wriststrap, magnetic closure and inside i.d. pocket

tapestry in turquoise and brown

Amy Butler fabric detail and lining in turquoise & brown print on heavier striped denim. Wriststrap, magnetic closure with inside i.d. pocket.

aquatic clutch

striped denim clutch with blue fabric oceanic detail, with a sharky friend on the back

black and white clutch

black and white tapestry with black plaid front with wriststrap, magnetic closure and inside i.d. pocket

tapestry clutch

lined porto clutch with wriststrap, magnetic closure and inside id pocket

12 November 2007


No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees
No fruit, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! -- No-vember!
–Thomas Hood (1799-1845)

08 November 2007

a hug you can keep

this is a lovely and immaculately sewn quilt given to me today by my boss Beckie. the work, effort and time put into it astonishes me and i am touched beyond belief. my 'sad week' is immensely better now that i have a hug i can wrap around me! i'm in awe.

07 November 2007

to use while pretending to work

i wanted an apron, but didn't want to leave to get a pattern (!) so i made this up instead. it was a little blocky, so i added the center pleat and that made a big difference. i added two buttonholes on each side so as to cinch the waist but what a pain to try to thread them through, so oh well. the main fabric is from the wonderful denyse schmidt's katy jump rope, the others i can't remember except the circle pattern came from the local thrift shop. i think it's very cheery, though i realized two things not so cheery: i need to lose some weight AND clean my mirrors!

14 September 2007

Mammoth style

My sis loves her mammoth tote! I think I need to try this next, seen on SewMamaSew, by Jessie.

10 September 2007

Gracias para la Fiesta!

thanks to all my friends who came by to see me & my bags at Fiesta on Camp Pendleton last friday! somehow i manage to meet the nicest people. i was so busy that i didn't get to visit any of the other booths...next time, i think i'll shanghai some friends to help me out! it was such a lovely day--sunny, bright, crisp. no complaints about southern california weather lately!

09 August 2007

going to Memphis, this one

Thanks, Melinda! It's on its way...